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Hypnosis Works Wonders is a hypnotherapy clinic serving clients in Marietta, GA, and surrounding areas within a 50-mile radius. In our calm, relaxing environment, our certified hypnotherapist will guide you through your own mind, where you’ll locate experiences that have paved the path you are currently on. From smoking cessation to anger management, you can put behind any damaging behavior and patterns to create a better lifestyle for you and the people in your life.


It’s a common myth that hypnosis is manipulative. Our hypnotherapist is not here to control you but to guide you. In fact, when you’re in a hypnotic trance, you are completely in control. Trance-like states can feel dream-like, but clients are always 100 percent conscious. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis as a therapeutic tool to help people overcome certain behaviors or habits that aren’t positively contributing to their lives. This therapy works so well because it allows our minds to operate without the rational part of our brain that constantly tells us that our behavior or habits don’t make sense. There’s a reason for everything that we do, and hypnotherapy will help you understand the “why.”

Weight Loss

Hypnosis Works Wonders specializes in hypnotherapy to help clients with weight loss. Many times, there are psychological reasons for overeating. Some people may find joy in eating or turn to food for comfort. Others use food as a tool to cure boredom. Instead of spending money and time on new diets, our hypnotherapist will help you understand your relationship with food. Through hypnotherapy, you’ll discover the reasons why you are overeating and how you can stop.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, but many people find it hard to overcome this habit. You need your body to live, which is why we’re determined to help our clients with smoking cessation. Our hypnotherapist stopped smoking once he realized that he wasn’t addicted to nicotine: his subconscious mind was programmed to buy cigarettes. Since that day, he’s been dedicated to helping clients realize that their automatic behavior is the reason why it’s so difficult to quit. Through hypnotherapy, you’ll recognize these behaviors and learn how to stop them.

Transform Your Mind

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