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Groundbreaking Hypnotherapy Clinic in Marietta, GA

Embark on a journey into your mind at Hypnosis Works Wonders. Located in Marietta, GA, our hypnotherapy clinic helps clients uncover thoughts trapped in their subconscious minds. Through this recovery, hypnotherapy can stop toxic behavior patterns, reveal truths, and fix bad habits. Our certified hypnotherapist has been in practice for over five years and specializes in therapy geared towards weight loss and smoking cessation. Whether you want to calm your wandering mind or change your physical self, our holistic therapy will help you transform your body, mind, and spirit.

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Hypnosis Defined

Hypnosis is a natural state that everyone has experienced at some point in time. The subconscious mind handles 88 to 99 percent of our lives. It identifies, associates, and manages our expectations and imagination.

The conscious mind is one to 12 percent of our brain and handles logic, reason, and willpower. By accessing your subconscious mind, hypnotherapy can help you understand the hidden part of your brain and unlock the events that may be preventing you from moving forward and changing your lifestyle. 

The Subconscious Mind

Have you ever driven home and realized that you forgot to stop and get that loaf of bread? Where was your mind? You intended to stop to get bread, but your mind drifted off to a different subject. You drove a car weighing thousands of pounds down different roads making all the correct turns with other cars on the same roads, and you ended up safe in your driveway. We have automatic learned behavior and are programmed to go through life using 88 to 99 of our subconscious mind. Do you know someone who flies off the handle all too often? Do you know someone who drinks themselves into oblivion only to do it over and over again? We all have programmed behavior that both supports and doesn’t support us. At Hypnosis Works Wonders, we deliver safe hypnotherapy to help you achieve total body wellness and understand your subconscious mind.
"After a couple sessions I feel completely relaxed, and not high strung. You need to stop asking questions and call her today! Get the Experience."
"This therapy has helped me more than any other. I feel blessed to have met you & my life is better for it. "

Our Mission

Our hypnotherapy clinic is committed to empowering our clients to leave bad behaviors behind and build a new life. The mind helps us create the tomorrows that come, and we’re here to make sure all your tomorrows are the best they can be. 

Transform Your Mind

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